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For all of your Carpet Cleaning Pet Urine Odor Moreno Valley needs trust the highly trained professionals at MY-T CLEAN Professional Cleaning Services.

For over 20 Years, the professionals at MY-T CLEAN have been using industry leading equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure our customers receive nothing but the highest quality service available. This is especially true with our Pet Urine Odor Removal process.

Our pet urine odor cleaning solutions are formulated to rid your house of the pet urine smell, not just mask it for a short time. When we begin the pet urine odor removal treatment process, we apply our industry leading solutions to the source of the odor. Upon contact, our solutions begin chemically reacting with the bacteria creating the odor. This chemical reaction destroys offending bacteria and eliminates the odor.

We are able to defeat the pet urine odor in your home while using solutions that are Non-Toxic and Safe for Kids & Pets!

To help ensure your pet urine cleaning needs are sufficiently met, and no urine is left behind, each of our technicians is equipped with specialized equipment designed specially for locating and identifying moisture and bodily fluids.

The first piece of equipment is a powerful UV black light. Our black lights are CSI rated and used by Crime Scene Investigators to locate bodily fluids in crime scenes. With these black lights, our technicians will be able to show you the pet urine spots in your carpet, which may not be apparent to the naked eye.

The second piece of equipment is a moisture detector. Our moisture detectors are able to penetrate the carpet and measure moisture in the padding, where urine is unreachable without the proper extraction technology. Also, urine left behind in padding can fester, causing the odor to increase and remain for much longer periods, not to mention allergens and disease. By detecting the moisture, out technicians can accurately determine the area affected by the pet urine, which allows for complete removal.

The third piece of equipment is our industry leading pet urine odor removal solution. This solution immediately reacts chemically upon being applied to the are of carpet affected by the pet urine. The chemical reaction breaks down the bacteria in the urine which causes the odor.

The fourth piece of equipment is our industry leading truck mounted cleaning equipment. The powerful vacuum created by our cleaning machines ensure we are able to extract the urine, and thus the odor, not only from your carpet, but all the way from the flooring below your carpet padding.

Without the professional equipment used by MY-T CLEAN, a homeowner is left to using store bought pet urine odor treatments which do little more than mask the odor for a limited time. With these products the urine is not removed from the carpet, and occasionally they react with the urine causing permanent damage/staining to the carpet.

We love our pets! However, our pets don’t always love our carpet. The days of masking the pet urine odor in your carpet are over. Call the professionals at MY-T CLEAN today, and let us put our industry leading equipment and solutions to work at ridding you of your pet urine odors TODAY!

Regardless of your type of pet, our solutions will rid your home of the pet urine odor. Dog, cat, and even human urine odors can be removed by MY-T CLEAN. Our process is also effective when cleaning pet feces and vomit. In some instances, MY-T CLEAN can remove urine, feces or vomit odor from furniture, mattresses, car interiors, etc… Call us today to see if we can assist you with the pet urine in your carpet.

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